Saturday, May 09, 2009

April Reading '09

STUCK IN THE '70'S by D.L. Garfinkle (* * *) YA - While this book was tons of fun to read, I'm not sure I loved it as much as Debbie's first book, Storky: How I Lost my Nickname and Won the Girl. I think my son will love it, though, because, what 15 year old boy wouldn't want to read about waking up to a lost, naked girl in their bathtub? Hilarious and enjoyable on so many levels, Stuck in the 70's is impossible to put down.

THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH by Carrie Ryan (* * * *) YA - Whoa. Who knew the zombie apocalypse would turn out like this? Riveting, amazing and beautifully written, The Forest of Hands and Teeth was a horrifying glimpse at what life could be like if ...
My only issue came towards the ending when I questioned a few of the characters' motives.

THE DUST OF 100 DOGS by A.S King (* * * *) YA - Imagine a pirate who is cursed to live the lives of 100 dogs, only to return as human with all her memories intact. She'd probably be looking for her treasure, right? You betcha! Awesome story with great characters. I loved hearing all the ways Saffron imagined inflicting pain on those who annoyed her.

CATALYST by Laurie Halse Anderson (* * * *) YA - Another amazing book by Laurie Halse Anderson. Kate is so much like me when it comes to avoiding things, so I was really able to relate to her during her journey. A shocking tale filled with tears, anxiety and unlikely new friendships.

THE HUMMING OF NUMBERS by Joni Sensel (* * * *) YA - A very cool story about a monk in training who has a few too many forbidden thoughts. Does he fit in, or will temptation and his ability to hear peoples' numbers make him unworthy? You'll have to read it to find out. I'm super excited to meet Joni next week and have her sign my copy. :D

CRANK by Ellen Hopkins (* * * * *) YA - It's horrible to watch someone slip into drug abuse and this book gives you a front row seat. But it's riveting and hypnotic - a powerful journey in verse and down a very dark path. Couldn't put it down. I'm also excited to be bringing my copies of Crank and Identical to the conference next week so I can get them signed by Ellen. Squeeeee!!!

IDENTICAL by Ellen Hopkins (* * * * * *) YA - On my 5 star system, I had to give this book a 6 (there's a first time for everything). It left me in a puddle in the middle of the floor and took me 5 days to mop it up. I can't even talk about it without getting shivers and remembering how dark and disturbing it was (and I read it 3 months ago). This won't be for everyone - it's a scary look into incest and mental illness, but if you can handle it, I strongly recommend it. Wow!

All right folks! That's it for now!! Happy reading!

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Stella said...

Interesting, Linda. I love book reviews. Looks like you've been doing the prerequisite reading. I so want to read Crank. Thanks!